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Event Marketing

Events are one of the best marketing tools to engage with leads, clients, advocators and industry figureheads. And, done correctly, can be lucrative for attracting new business opportunities. 

At BEE Relevant, we can guide you through the set up of an event, mapping out journeys for attendees, sponsors or exhibitors alike. We know how to excite audiences and get them to convert on the day - we just need to understand how we can use this expertise to help you.

Event Marketing Services

Event marketing support

Skies are the limit when it comes to creativity and event marketing. Whatever your budget, we will work with you to achieve your event goals, whether that's bums on seats or sponsorship deals that are too hot to handle.


We have a wealth of experience working with events agencies to create meaningful conferences, awards ceremonies, exhibitions, seminars and webinars galore! Get in touch today to find out more

I achieved more in an afternoon with Becca than I did in months with a previous supplier

Becca's experience as a marketer paired with her extensive knowledge of HubSpot's functionality makes for the perfect combo. Whether it's building dashboards to tell a story across the business or implementing workflows or refreshing emails Becca, delivers keeping the customer's experience as a priority as well as meeting the business needs.I achieved more in an afternoon with Becca than I did in months with a previous supplier. Would always recommend BEE Relevant Marketing.

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